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Has it really been 10 years?

WOW 10 YEARS - where has the time gone? 10 years ago (tomorrow, to the date) the staff at John Davies & Co boxed up all their belongings and moved from Grosvenor Road to St Andrews House, Yale Business Village. 10 years ago, wow, how time has moved so fast and changed so much. Although in a weird way not only did we move offices we actually moved to the future. Moving from Grosvenor Road to a modern, bright, spacious, open planned office.

Technology also came with us, bringing with it John Davies & Co as we know today. In this time we, as a company and a team, have achieved so much, much more than we ever could have imagined. Hard work and determination has certainly paid off. Not only have we installed a Business Development Suite, we are also, the first independent firm in Wales to achieve Platinum Status with Xero, which we are very proud of. We have also moved on to give our clients, not just the boring old fashioned once a year set of accounts, we now produce monthly, quarterly figures, six monthly figures that actually mean something to our clients. We also welcome people in more, almost to "show off" what we can offer their business and help them grow. From a couple of car parking spaces to more than a dozen spaces, from 2 dingy outside toilets to 3 spacious, clean, fresh smelling, toilets, from 1 meeting room to a huge downstairs department and 2 rooms upstairs, from a small reception area to a more comfortable seating area with the latest news and offerings. Long standing staff of John Davies & Co came along also and are still here today. Between Tim, Sarah, Andrew, Sheila and Helen they have clocked up 133 years!!!! between them. What these 5 staff members don’t know about John Davies & Co and its clients isn’t worth knowing. Between the 5 of them they have known and seen many clients of today from when they were younger children being shown the ropes from their fathers and mothers. Today many of the children have taken over the family business and are known well by the staff of John Davies & Co. Family life means so much, to each of us, and seeing the family members and hearing their stories really do go along way, especially when we can join in the stories also. Once moving to St Andrews House the understanding and development of Xero began. Managers and staff worked tirelessly together to bring Xero to our clients. John Davies & Co wanted to work within the client accounts not just on them. Extra staff were brought in to make this happen. Staff listened carefully to clients in what they wanted for their business, staff watched their clients businesses to see what they needed, staff made sure that clients were upto speed and trained on Xero, no stone was left unturned. It didnt happen overnight.

Today, John Davies & Co, have 10 Xero certified members, who are always on hand to help and assist with all Xero queries. Staff at John Davies & Co are proud of the relationships they have been able to develop with their clients. Before the end of 2018 John Davies & Co are hoping to add several more Xero certified members to their team. Watch this space.


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